Return to Florence
April 23, 2012, 9:42 pm
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The Tribune of Galileo

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For the last week I’ve been in Italy for work.

A decade ago I came to Florence during my gap year in Italy – a poor student. Coming back as a presenter at a conference has made me reflect on ten years of travelling and how my life in general has unfolded.

Italy is the ideal place for such philosophizing.

Embracing my philosophy of science geekiness that brought me to Florence this time, I’ve visited La Specola (pictured) and Museo Galileo.

I’ve stayed away from the art galleries, given I’ve been here before. There are people lining up for hours who I assume are really into it – why make them wait longer by competing in the queue?

I didn’t have fond memories of Florence – I’ve referred to it as the Disneyland of Italy – but this trip has given me a new appreciation for it.

The churchbells. The cobblestones. The food. The architecture.

If someone sends me back here for work I certainly won’t complain… maybe I’d even come back voluntarily as a tourist. If only all the other tourists would go away.


It’s been a while
April 23, 2012, 9:31 pm
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Sea nettle jellyfish

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I’ve had the best of intentions to blog during my travels within Australia, but it never happened. I have some beautiful photos from the Northern Territory and Queensland that I’ve yet to even share.

Nonetheless, time marches on. Last month I reached the final year I can blog under this title! I’ll endeavour to make it a great one for travelling then.

I’m on another round-the-world adventure. First stop California. Here’s a sea nettle from last week’s visit to Night Life at the California Academy of Sciences.