A new continent for a new year
January 5, 2010, 5:58 am
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I’m supposed to be dedicating all my time to finishing my thesis and finalising the book project I’m working on, but I’m deeply distracted by my plans for 2010, which seem all the more exciting when procrastinating finishing those other projects.

I’ve booked a flight for end of April to move to Chile! 

After my taste of the Spanish speaking world based near Seville in 2007, I’ve been itching to get to South America. I made a pact with two girlfriends that we’d go on a trip there in 2009, after our Spanish holiday together, but it fell through, as we each were busy with our own projects in Australia. So I’m going it alone! Or rather with Tim, who I met in February and who is working on a comic book for a French publisher, so has the luxury of working from anywhere.

We’ve got 18-month round the world tickets, which means we have a year in South America, followed by Tim’s book launch and some time in France, then some time in Thailand on the way back home.

In the meantime, I’m planning to move to Chile delve back into the world of freelancing as I did in the UK, the payment for which should go a lot further in Chile than it did in England, if I’m working for international outlets.

At the moment I’m getting together the documents I need to get the Australian Government’s letter of government support to allow me to apply for a Working Holiday Visa there. I called the number for the Chilean embassy listed on the Australian immigration site to ask about how to apply for the visa, but they told me to call the number of the Chilean consulate in Melbourne.

While there’s no information about the Working Holiday Visa on the site, when I rang to ask, a friendly woman took my email address and said she would send me the details. Both Chilean consulate offices were quick to answer the phone, in contrast to the British and Canadian ones, which probably reflects the number of young Aussies who want to spend a year in their country. I’m looking forward to being a little more off the beaten track this time.

However the email from the consulate hasn’t arrived yet, so I might have to be more persistent. My experiences getting residency visas for Canada and the UK mean I won’t hesitate to follow up, as it seems to be the only way things get done.

Fingers crossed! Now back to the thesis.


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Working for the Santiago Times should be fun. Chile is an amazing country with beautiful landscapes and a warm and friendly people. Enjoy!

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