August 11, 2008, 10:24 am
Filed under: culture, europe, travel

Okay I am at risk of falling so far behind in this record of my travels that although I have a lot of work I’m supposed to be doing right now I’m going to take 5 minutes out to write a new entry. Unfortunately (for the purposes of this record) my travel in June/July was mostly work-focused, and given I try to keep work out of this blog I have to figure out what I can say about Stockholm that would be relevant to someone who was just visiting there.

Stockholm is a typical Scandinavian city. Beautiful. Clean. Efficient. Almost disturbingly so. Brutally expensive. But lots of fun.

We went into an adorable chocolate shop – a chain in fact – the name of which I don’t remember unfortunately. But the girl behind the counter was brilliantly friendly, going so far as to recommend a place we should go for dinner and calling to make the booking for us. The place she booked us in was called Grill, which in Australia would sound a bit feral to be honest, so we weren’t expecting much. Though the fact we couldn’t get a booking until 9:15pm should have suggested otherwise.

We rocked up for a pre-dinner cocktail and were blown away by the interior design. Stuff everywhere – prams and great white sharks dangled from the ceiling, candles and furry wallpaper mingled perilously. The ambience was awesome. The prices were astronomical… one cocktail was more than a whole dinner in Australia.

But the thrill of going to a funky bar in central Stockholm was worth it.


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