Authentic, budget travel experiences
May 4, 2008, 12:42 pm
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A woman sent me a message through my old blog on travelpod:

Dear Cobi,
I am trying to arrange travel plans for my daughter who is
studying abroad in the UK. She and her friend want to
travel a little but are on a budget. In doing some
checking, because of our devalued US dollar, it’s making
it very difficult. You had mentioned staying with a
French family in the south of France. Do you have any money saving tips? Also how
did you come about hooking up with the family that helped
you? Thank you so much for your
time, your travels look great!

I usually stay with friends, as I had on that occasion she referred to (travel becomes self-perpetuating because the more you travel the more cool people you meet and the more people invite you to stay in different places). But there are two sites I would suggest for people looking for cheap, rewarding accommodation on a budget:

I’ve never actually stayed with anyone through this, but I’ve showed a couple of people around my own city as a host, and one of my friend’s spent a week with a lovely couple in Colorado that she contacted through the site.

Again, I’ve never volunteered on a farm myself, but my friends have had great – and terrible – experiences through this.

If I were travelling somewhere that I didn’t know anyone or had time to kill I would use one of these organisations to figure out where I would stay.


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Hi – Don’t forget and (both might be .org, but the names are right, anyway). We’ve used both and have had great experiences.

Comment by Mike

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