Flamenco school
November 23, 2007, 11:27 am
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I am sitting on the top floor of the terrace building which houses my flamenco school, called Taller Flamenco. I’m lucky that the school has free broadband in the study room, which I can use while periodically gazing out of the window to see what’s happening on the street below. Soft November sun streams in the terrace windows.

Behind me in the study two guys practice flamenco guitar. They are clearly not beginners. Their fingers dance across the strings through melodies, resting on the frets while they wait their turn, each inspiring the other.

Live, spontaneous music is a much better backdrop for design work than my ipod.

When I committed to doing freelance editing work for a company in England during my European travels I was taking a bit of a risk, assuming I would be able to find suitable places to work so I could meet my deadlines.

This is more than suitable. This is a dream.


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From what I’ve heard, the other-worldly wailing of the flamenco singer derives from the call to worship of Moorish Spain pre-Ferdinand and Isabel. If so, another beautiful example of how people’s creativity meshes even as their leaders clash.

Comment by ehard

What city are you in? What school? Sounds better than many. Spain is amazing. Enjoy your time there!

Comment by Susana

The school is Taller Flamenco, in Seville. I recommend it!

Comment by cobi

That’s great. I loved Sevilla. Beautiful city. Lots of good flamenco. I’d love to go back sometime when my life allows.

What are you studying? Cante? Baile? Toque? How long are you planning to stay there?

Comment by Susana

I was only there a week, so just had time to learn a couple of fandangos and some cool remates. I’m definitely going back when I get the chance!

Comment by cobi

I love Sevilla also.

Comment by Flamenco dancer

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