Mountain town
November 21, 2007, 10:57 am
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Medina cacti

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Medina Sidonia is a town sat atop a mountains in the Cadiz countryside, reputedly the oldest in Spain. We ducked in for a Sunday afternoon on our way back to our mountains behind Seville. We drove around the narrow, undulating streets until we found what seemed like the only car park in town. We thought we were lost, but turned a corner to be confronted with the town square, which was alive. Old people sat on benches watching children rollerblading, skipping and playing football. People sat outside cafés sipping their cortados and eating tostadas.

Medina Sidonia is well sign-posted for tourists, so although the tourist office was closed, we were able to make our way amongst the significant old buildings, and found the town’s jewel, a church that stands atop the mountain, alongside castle ruins and cactus groves. The sun shone, warming our skin in the crisp mountain air. Spanish tourists milled along the paths.

After taking in the views and strolling amongst the ruins we headed back to the main square. We popped into an artisan soap shop, where the charming saleswoman recommended a place for lunch. We sat amongst the Sunday afternoon action in the town square. Being a high-walled mountain town the sun was quickly gone. I had a jacket, but Ian was cold. The soap shop lady walked past, and noted that the place she recommended had fallen into shade. She draped her jacket around Ian’s shoulders, saying it was no problem, she was ducking into a nearby house for a few hours, Ian could borrow it.

Who needs a tourism office when the locals are so considerate?


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