Whirling dervishes
October 23, 2007, 7:55 am
Filed under: spain, travel

We decided to stop for lunch in Cádiz on Sunday, on the way back from Rota. Cádiz is a city on a peninsula, as easy to access by ferry as by car. Given it’s surrounded by ocean it seemed a good place to have my first paella.

We were charmed by the plaza in front of the cathedral in Cádiz, or more specifically the children cavorting in it. Although there were plenty of restaurants catering for tourists (best to avoid), there were also a bunch of local kids running about, perhaps after going to church. There was a boy and his little brother playing bullfight, the youngest one holding his fingers on his head like horns, running at his older brother who got to be the matador, bopping his little bro on the head.

Less uniquely Spanish but equally as charming were a brother and sister who were being whirling dervishes. The twirled enthusiastically, so much so the girl fell flat on her face from too much momentum. She just got up and kept on twirling. They were oblivious to the world beyond their whirling, with a few near collisions as people walked around them.

Deciding the view was worth the tourist prices we sat. At the same time a huffy German couple got up and said ‘you’ll be waiting for service forever’. It was a busy Sunday and they were right, so after about 20 minutes of waiting we abandoned our table and found a restaurant in a less touristy area.

By now we were hungry. We ordered some tapas and then came the paella de marisco, a big platter with spoons for us to each take our own serve. It was delicious. There were mussels and prawns and calamari, in rice with a creamy orange sauce. Yum. Paella goes on my learn how to cook list.


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