Dusk in Rota
October 13, 2007, 9:29 am
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Rota twilight

Originally uploaded by cobismith.

We arrived in Rota unaware that it was festival weekend, content with the long beach and its fine white sand, reminiscent of Australia. After checking into our hotel with a grander pool than the cost suggested, we descended into the street, drawn to the foreshore.

It was dinner time in England, but here in Spain in October the dusky hours precede eating. Lunch is a huge meal, the late dinner more to line your stomach for drinking than anything else. These dusky hours are my favourite in Spain, the perfect time to explore new places, with charming light and an ambience of relax and release after the working day.

It’s particularly perfect for exploring the Costa de la Luz around Rota, because the sun sets spectacularly and audaciously, like nature’s Moulin Rouge, flashing colours and exposing the sky’s naked beauty.

The shore at Rota is flat, stretching deep and long. One sand-drenched end is perfect for bathing, the other a pleasure for Spain’s water birds – a cove inhabited by seaweed that was more like Rastafarian dreadlocks than slime. It proved good for walking on, springy and slightly coarse like a gym mat. At the peak of dusk the seabirds, small and community-minded, raised their twitter to a crescendo, like a round of applause for the bowing sun.

Then twilight took over quietly, blanketing the landscape. With the show over we wandered inland, in search of food.


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