alimento de España
August 19, 2007, 10:08 am
Filed under: spain, travel

Tapas are a glorious invention. Why shouldn’t people get free food every time they order a drink? The United Kingdom could fell its drinking problems in one blow if you got good, free food whenever you ordered a beer. Of course, sometimes this works in reverse… some days in Salobreña we probably started drinking a bit early so we could fill up on tapas before siesta time.

We quickly learnt which places had good tapas and which had average. There were some places that served a kind of potato salad, which was okay. There were some places that did chorizo or anchovies on fresh crusty bread – that was okay too. There was a place that basically served seafood extender with mayonnaise – what, did they think we were English? We didn’t go back.

The best place for tapas was a café bar Ian and Kim discovered, next to the fish market, owned by a guy called Frank. Frank spent 20 years working in Ibiza before opening his bar at the market, and he maintains the party-loving, friendly attitude one hopes to find on a holiday island. But as well as pumping out the tunes and having some swish bottle-twirling skills, he also makes the best tapas and churros con chocolate I found.

This picture is of Frank stirring our chocolate with his exceptional churros on the foreground – but if only I’d taken a photo of his sardines. Oh! The sardines! You haven’t lived unless you’ve had fresh Spanish sardines grilled with salt, which you get free as tapas! Glorious.

His prawns were pretty awesome too.


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