Would you like a graveyard tour with your groceries?
July 16, 2007, 8:52 pm
Filed under: england, travel

One of the best things about having people stay with you when they’re travelling is the chance to see where you’re living through the eyes of a tourist. So it was nice to have our good friends Hayley and Kim stay the other day, I got some great photos of King’s College Chapel in more detail than I’ve bothered before, and we chilled out by frolicking in the meadows by the river at Grantchester, which I wouldn’t have taken the time to do without the excuse of company.

Hayley and I went to see the Royal Harpist, Claire Jones, play in an old English church. She was utterly charming and British (Welsh, in fact). As we wandered around Cambridge I tried to share any interesting pieces of information I’d eked out during my time here.

Something I find quirky and amusing is that the Marks and Spencer in the centre of town has to be spread over two sites, because space is at such a premium and buildings are so poky and ancient. So if you want to do your grocery shopping as well as buy some household goods, you have to walk through a graveyard and a garden.

As I was explaining this walking alongside the graveyard, a squirrel started nibbling seeds in the tree above us, while a bumblebee bumped fuzzily along the ground. Hayley and Kim whipped out their momentous cameras – Hayley works in photography professionally, so it’s to be expected, but it made my camera phone look measly in comparison.


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