Darwin May Ball
June 26, 2007, 5:56 pm
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On Friday night I went to the May Ball of my unofficial college, Darwin. There was no crazy dress on this occasion – the May Ball is all about getting frocked up, or bow tied up if you’re a guy, and making the most of your pricey all-you-can-drink-and-eat ticket.

It costs about the same as the Big Day Out in Australia, but it’s just one evening. And that’s just for relatively impoverished Darwin – I know the more lavish Clare, King’s or St John’s tickets were double that.

The cost and effort getting dolled up was worth it – it will be one of my excellent memories of Cambridge.

The theme of the Darwin ball this year was Il Milione, the travels of Marco Polo. Hence we had Venetian gondola rides (ie. punting), a Chinese dragon and drums, a kind of harem room with big pillows, Turkish delight, baklava, nougat and muffins (bit of a cultural mishmash really), a Monaco-style casino room, and all sorts of other entertainments.

It was well done. There was a constant supply of alcohol and food, as well as water bottles, so people were merry, not disgusting.

Somehow I’ve been here long enough that even when I lost my core group of mates amongst the fairylike Darwin gardens I came across someone else I knew, which is always a good thing after a couple of drinks.

No doubt due to the constant supply of entertainment, edibles and amigos I managed to make it through to the survivor’s photo, taken at a rather tame 3am.

The photographers, rather foolishly I thought, arranged for the photo viewing to happen on Sunday. Hopefully someone was perky enough to get a copy of our survivors shot – I’d like to see it.


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