Lack of ocean or snow is doing strange things to me…
June 17, 2007, 9:37 pm
Filed under: england, sport, travel

Back in Canada in 2004 I wrote about how one of the challenges… and nice things… about moving to a new city is getting used to it. One of the challenges is finding equivalents, or substitutes, for the things I like to do. I’m not able to go skiing or surfing in Cambridge, that’s obvious.

I’ve adapted to typical English activities (the type that you can easily ditch to go to the pub if it starts pouring with rain). I’m playing tennis a few times a week, and football once a week. Football, as in soccer football! Who would have thought!?

Even more astounding is that I actually willingly watched a cricket match the other day!

Those who know me well know how much I hate cricket. Not even the lure of free corporate box seats at Adelaide Oval tempt me. I detest it, it’s so boring.

That said, I do really like picnics. So when our mate Chris was playing cricket the other weekend it seemed a good excuse to have a picnic and use one of the pitiful disposable alfoil barbecues the English seem to think are adequate (they’re not).

We even mucked around and played a bit of cricket ourselves after the game. I was more interested in doing handstands than fielding, but it wasn’t that bad.


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