Strawberry Fair, no fruit.
June 4, 2007, 10:30 am
Filed under: england, events, festivals, travel

I went to Strawberry Fair on Midsummer Common on Sunday with a bunch of Aussie mates also living in Cambridge. It was free, which is great, as I would have been a bit disappointed had I paid for it – but since it was free I was very content. The weather was absolutely stunning, it could have been a summer festival in Australia, if it weren’t for the muddy patches under the trees, the rowers on the river and the ancient buildings as a backdrop.

It was certainly a unique Cambridge experience. In place of academics cycling in their robes, there were goths with giant boots and black lace parasols. Instead of haughty undergraduates with their collars turned up, there were men with three huge dreads running down their backs.

We did typical festival things – ate donuts and watermelon, listened to the inescapable thumping bass, wandered the stalls that were selling everything from 5p healing crystals to organic fair trade decaffeinated coffee.

It’s the first time I’ve had to wear sunscreen in England.


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