Lac de Rillé
May 27, 2007, 8:24 pm
Filed under: france, travel

Over the recent May long weekend we went to the Loire Valley in France, with our good friends Rosie and Chris. We stayed in a cute cabin on the Lac de Rillé, which was within a half hour drive from most of the gorgeous villages and, more importantly, wine cellars and vineyards that the Loire Valley is famous for.Staying on a lake in one of these outdoor adventure-type resorts, we had all sorts of grand plans as to the adventures we’d have. We had windsurfing and horseriding, canoeing, bushwalking and mountain biking to look forward to.

Our first day was gloriously sunny, and we soaked it up. We were virtually the only guests in the resort, so we frolicked around our own lake and bushland blissfully. Rosie teased Chris about his ornithological interest, but then we were all humbled when we stumbled upon a bird watching hut alongside the lake at sunset, which is, at this time of year, about 9:30pm. Gazing at the blazing colours listening to frogs croak and birds flutter on the water’s surface was enchanting.


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