March 25, 2007, 9:19 pm
Filed under: england, nature, weather

We’ve been in the UK almost six months, and are here for at least that again… but what are we doing after that? We’re now starting to contemplate our future once Ian’s finished his course. I have so many opportunities here – Cambridge is the perfect place for science communication, London for media. It’s not just about me though.

The weather reflects our indecision. Daffodils are everywhere, but it snowed last week. The weight of the snow forced the spring flowers to bow down, as if they were embarrassed they’d emerged too early.

Ian saw ducklings… a lady observing said “poor things! They’ll freeze to death”.

This photo was taken on a recent frosty evening, clear enough to see smoke furling. I like the crisp, clear conditions – I don’t mind cold, it’s damp that I hate!

I’m coming back to Australia for a few weeks next month for work and catch-ups, stopping in Los Angeles for a few days on the way back! More adventure. Hopefully when I return here the last of the winter weather will be well and truly behind us… I can’t wait for another European summer!


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I can’t find your email address, but it would be great to meet up if you are travelling sometime to Central Europe…
can you send me an email so that I can contact you?

Comment by Sari

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